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Fish Sounds Demonstration - 17 species

My colleagues and I are planning to recover and make available a digital copy of tapes of fish sounds that originally accompanied the landmark book "Sounds of Western North Atlantic Fishes" by Marie Fish and William Mowbray. They examined over 220 species from 59 families, and found biological sounds from 153 species from 36 families. The creation and distribution of a CD of fish sounds is the first step in a larger effort to rescue over 3 decades of sounds recorded at the Narragansett Marine Laboratory (Now the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island), as well as other historical data, and establish a National Archive of Fish Sounds at Cornell University. In this we page we provide a demonstration of sound clips for 17 species of marine fishes found in the archive. Summary information on the sounds in the Fish and Mowbray collection can be found here.

NEW - The CDs are now available. Click here to find out more. A list of species on the CD is not yet available on my web page, but includes 153 of the 171 sound producing species from Table 1 of the poster presentation listed on the Archive page (View Poster). Sounds for the other 18 species were observed but not available to Fish and Mowbray at the time of the book's publication. I will add a list of the species available on the CD at a later date. However, if Fish and Mowbray present data on a species (spectra or oscillograms) in their book, then it is on the CD.

Note, all illustrations, except were indicated, are courtesy of the NMFS/NEFSC in Woods Hole, MA.

Galeichthys (=Arius) felis, Sea catfish. Sample 1 (3,908 KB) - Fish caught on hook-and-line in Florida and South Carolina, bandpass filter 1200 Hz. Snapping shrimp and toadfish in the background. Sample2 (4,379 KB) - Percolator sounds attributed to Arius felis, 10 June 1965, Charleston, SC. Bandpass filter 100 to 2400 Hz.


Melanogrammus aeglefinus, haddock. This species was not included in Fish and Mowbray 1970, but was found in their archives. These sound clips were taken from a recording made by Tom Halavik, NMFS/NEFSC in Narragansett, RI in the early 1970's. Sample 1 (3,378 KB) - Drumming sounds. Sample 2 (1,944 KB) - Low rumble resulting from increasing frequency of drumming during courtship.

Ophidion marginatum, striped cusk-eel. Sample 1 (4,065 KB) - Recorded in Delaware Bay. B. chysura and O. tau calls in the background. Note, this sound was incorrectly attributed to the weakfish, Cynoscion regalis. This is an error. We now know that this "chatter" or "jack-hammer" sound is made by the cusk-eel (Mann et al. 1997), see also Cusk-eel pages.


Holocentrus adscensionis, squirrelfish. Sample 1 (2,024 KB) - Recorded at Bimini.


Epinephelus adscensionis, rock hind. Sample 1 (3,758 KB) - Sounds from 3 specimens recorded at Bimini. 1200 Hz low pass filter.


Caranx hippos, crevalle jack. Sample 1 (5,069 KB) - Sounds from 6 individuals at Gloucester, VA 1962.


Conodon nobilis, barred grunt. (drawing courtesy FishBase). Sample 1 (2,266 KB) - Two specimens recorded at Puerto Rico in 1956.


Cynoscion regalis, weakfish. Sample 1 (3,926) - Eight specimens in tanks in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.


Cynoscion jamaicensis, Mongolar drummer (Jamaica weakfish). (Drawing courtesy of FishBase). Sample 1 (2,168 KB) .


Bairdiella chrysura, silver perch. Sample 1 (3,203 KB) - Recorded on hook-n-line in North Carolina. Sample 2 (2,611 KB) - Recorded in wooden tanks at the Narragansett Marine Laboratory.


Micropogon undulatus, Atlantic croaker. Samp1e 1 (4,067 KB) - Recorded in Maryland and Virginia during 1962.


Pogonias cromis, Black drum. Sample 1 (3,158 KB) - Two females recorded in North Carolina. Sample 2 (2,340 KB) - Recorded in North Carolina, attributed to females.


Prionotus evolans, striped searobin. Sample 1 (3,990 KB) - Recorded at Narragansett, RI.


Myoxocephalus octodecimspinosus, Longhorn sculpin. Sample 1 (4,130 KB) - Recorded in aquaria at Narragansett, RI.


Lactophrys quadricornis, scrawled cowfish. Sample 1 (2,105 KB) - Recorded in Puerto Rico.


Sphaeroides maculatus, northern puffer. Sample 1 (1,261 KB) - Recorded in Maryland 1962.


Opsanus tau, Oyster toadfish. Sample 1 (2,519 KB) - Recorded in Maryland 1962. Sample 2 (2,187) - Boat Whistle sound recorded in Narragansett Bay, RI during June. 1200 Hz low pass filter.




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