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Fish Links 

Selected list of links to web pages on fish biology, marine ecology, marine biology, and underwater sounds compiled by Dr. Rodney Rountree ( see Fish Ecology).

Underwater sounds I've set up a links page to fish passive acoustics research sites of other researchers. I also include web pages with galleries of fish sounds and some on general bioacoustics and whale acoustics. Links to hydrophone and acoustic software companies are also included.

Web page on bioluminesce that comes highly recommended by Ms Haylee Breen's guided comprehension class kids!

Links to ocean facts and information from the Caribbean Recommended by Ashley B. in Mrs. Nancy Crawford's after school class. Great job Ashley!

The Professor of Gilligans Island, official web site -

Marine Ecology links from the Marine Ecology Centre.

Marine Ecology Links Excellent annotated list of marine ecology links from Oxford University Press. Taken from the text book on Marine Ecology by Keiser et al.

Enchanted Learning web site on sharks and raysWonderful website, partly free and partly by subscription. Check it out.

Mrs J's Marine Ecology BlogA blog intended for Ms J's class, but interesting for any student.

Phylogenetic tree for fishesDetailed listing of fish taxonomic groups.

Shark Savers Web page dedicated to shark conservation with good general information on sharks and shark groups.

Connecticutt River Watershed CouncilWebsite on the Connecticutt River and restoration of migratory fish passages.

The origin of Jaws and Gnathostome diversityFrom JOHN W. MERCK's, UMD, Lecture series

Support our SharksGreat web page focused on conservation of sharks, with an online key to shark identification.

Australian LungfishInformation on the fascinationg australian lungfish.

The visual Dictionary - Internal anatomy of fishVisual graphics of fish anatomy

The fish skeletonInformation on fish anatomy

Photographic key to identify marine organims in TexasGreat series of photographic keys to identify marine organism on the coast of Texas

Fun youtube video on deep sea fishesFun video on deep sea fishes.

Worlds deepest living fishBlog summary with video links on deep sea fish

Introduction to Cichlid fishesNice introduction to biology and taxonomy of cichlid fishes

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