The Beautiful Dream

animated butterflies

Once upon a time -a little girl was getting ready for bed. "Time for bed sweetheart. Goodnight, sweet dreams." I said. "Wait," said my little girl. "I'm not tired and I can't go to sleep." "Of course you can" I said. "Just close your eyes and think of beautiful things and soon you will be fast asleep and having a beautiful dream." "But I don't know what to think about" she complained. "Well" I said. "How about thinking about flying on the back of a beautiful pink butterfly?"

Imagine you're riding on a big friendly pink butterfly and you're soaring high over the fields and houses. And then other big butterflies come join you. Soon you are flying along with giant butterflies of every color. Flying right next to you, you see a blue one, a red one and a white one. Just ahead is a yellow one with green stripes. The sky is filled with every kind of butterfly. They all talk to you and introduce themselves. After awhile they all begin to play games with you and you get to take turns flying on different ones. You play follow the leader and a kind of leapfrog that butterflies play where you fly up and over the butterfly in front of you.

Everyone is having so much fun and you can hardly stop laughing. Then the big orange butterfly says, "Hey, lets fly over to the rainbow!" And the next thing you know, you're flying with your butterfly friends towards a giant rainbow way up in the sky. What a beautiful sight! Everyone takes turns flying under and over the rainbow. After some time, everyone begins to grow tired and they settle down into a lovely green meadow filled with bright colored flowers. One by one the butterflies begin to yawn and fall asleep in the garden. Soon you too are fast asleep, with your head resting on your friend the giant pink butterfly.

"Now wouldn't that be a beautiful dream?" I said. "Good night, sleep tight, I love you."

The End.

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