The Parable of the Roots 

Three young farmers received grape vines from their fathers. They were all eager to raise vines with prize grapes. They carefully tended their vines, providing water and weeding as necessary. But one farmer considered only the branches and stems of the vine. He did not think about its roots which were hurt as he dug around the vine and pulled the weeds. The second farmer knew the importance of the root. He was careful not to damage them and to provide them with mulch and fertilizer. Unfortunately, the third farmer received a vine with no roots. Undaunted she said to herself ďI will pray for Godís help and trust in him.Ē And so she planted the vine and cared for it as best she could. Despite his unwitting carelessness the first farmerís vine did grow and bear fruit, but the second farmerís vine grew better and produced more fruit. Likewise, because of her faith in God, the third farmerís vine also put down strong roots and grew as well as the second farmerís did. After a time, there was a great storm. The winds blew hard and uprooted many vines. Though the first farmer tried to protect his vine, it was lost. The strong roots of the other farmerís vines anchored them against the storm and they lived. The farmersí are like three Christians seeking to grow in faith and spirit. The vines are their faith and the roots are the Church and the Bible. Although it is possible to grow in faith and spirit without roots (with God as your anchor), for most of us itís better to start with good roots!
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