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The Parable of the Many Signs

By Rodney Rountree
(from "God is Still Speaking: Parables for Today")

A good woman was lost on the road to home. She wandered down many streets and kept looking for signs directing her to the way home. But there were signs everywhere, pointing in all different directions. Some pointed many ways, many contradicted each other. The woman became confused and was soon frantic, despairing of ever getting home. But then she came upon a stranger walking in the road. With concern in his voice, the stranger asked her why she was troubled. The woman recognized the voice and said: “Lord, I’m lost and can’t find my way home. There are so many signs and I don’t know which to follow.” Then the Lord said, “Follow me. I know the way” and together they made the journey home without trouble.

Lesson: Too often we look for signs to show us the way to travel in our Christian life. Not sure about how to handle a personal crisis? Look to Christ for inspiration. Keeping in mind his great commandment, ask yourself “what would he have you do?” Worried about the world and when the end will come? Don’t. Sometimes we look to pundits and theologians who claim to understand the Book of Revelations and to interpret it in the events of the day. Practically since Revelations was first written nearly two thousand years ago these people have claimed to be guided by signs in current events that portent the immanent coming of the end times. Every new crisis becomes a sign, from the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, the Mongol hoards, the crusades, the plague, World War I, the great depression, World War II, the red menace, war in Iraq, and now the threat of ISIS, just to name a few. Those that preach these interpretations do so out of arrogance and pride in order to advance their own agenda. Too often it leads to hate and conflict, bringing us down a maze of wrong roads and taking us farther and farther from the Lord. Even if some learned person were to figure it out, it has little bearing on a good Christian’s life. We are called to follow Christ, and that’s all we really need to know. The Bible admonishes us not to worry about when the end will come because it will come as a “thief in the night”. If you follow the Lord, you will always be ready when the end comes, whether it is your own death or the end of the world. Just follow the Lord and he will lead you to your home in heaven. Teach, not force or coerce, others to follow the Lord and they too will find heaven.

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