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The Parable of the Good Cake

By Rodney Rountree
(from "God is Still Speaking: Parables for Today")

Many people sat around a large table in a big kitchen. A delicious looking cake sat at the center of the table. In front of each person was a small plate. Some plates held half-eaten slices of cake, but many held untouched slices. Still others had not yet taken a slice and their plates were still clean. The Chef stood off to the side quietly watching. The room was noisy because most of the people were arguing. Some argued that the cake was magic and the Chef created it out of thin air. Others argued that the cake was baked in the oven that sat still warm in one corner of the kitchen. Some said the Chef used a box mix, while others said the cake was made from scratch. One vigorously exclaimed that the Chef had nothing to do with the cake and tried to explain the intricate chemical processes by which the cake was formed. Another learned person interjected that of course the cake formed by those well-known processes, but that the Chef had placed the cake in the oven and turned it on. The debate raged on. But amidst the din, one person sat quietly eating the cake. When finished the person leaned back and smiled, then thanked the Chef for such a delicious cake before leaving. The Chef smiled and was pleased.

Lesson: Instead of arguing about how God created us, isnít it enough that he did? And for those that deny the scientific theory of evolution on earth and condemn others for it, why do you want to limit Godís ability? We are talking about a God that created an entire universe and everything in it. The book of Genesis was written more than two thousand years ago and is based on a much older oral tradition. It is divine revelation, and is a very reasonable explanation of creation for the people of the time. In fact the first creation story in the book of Genesis parallels the sequence of evolutionary events to a large degree, and is a perfectly reasonable explanation of creation for people of the time. To be sure, whether you accept the theory of evolution, or hold to the biblical account of creation you are still a good Christian as long as you recognize God as the ultimate creator. Itís only when you attack and condemn others for their conviction that you begin to stray.

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