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By Rodney Rountree
circa 1991
(Poem #24 from "Poem Time Capsule")

I'm hungry.
My stomach hurts, my head is dizzy.
Won't you give me some food?
Anything will do...
An orange,
Smooth and round,
Firm to the touch.
Its fragrance assaults me.
My jaws hurt, the saliva flows -
But the orange is unreal,
Just a thought in my head.
Please, just a slice...
No fruit, none for me?

I must sit and rest,
My body is weak.

Look -- food is all around,
But none for me.
What did I do?
Have I hurt someone?
Please! I'm hungry.
Can you spare just a bite?

I like bread.
Any bread.
Fresh bread baking,
Melted butter,
The taste is in my mouth,
But not the bread...
I'm hungry. Please, can you spare a small stale piece?
A crumb...
No fruit, no bread -- none for me?

So tired,
Let me lie here on the ground.

Look over there!
Their feasting!
My eyes are watering,
My stomach is cramped.
A slice of golden breast,
Long brown drum sticks -
Steaming hot and splashed with dark gravy.
I can feel my teeth sinking in the soft, juicy flesh.
My jaws are working,
But they're chewing only air...
My face is pressed against the cold hard ground,

My mouth is drooling,
My eyes can't see.
Please, I'm starving.
Can you spare just one small morsel?
No fruit, no bread, no meat -- none for me?

Sleep...1'11 close my eyes to sleep.
Oh...You’re too late....

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