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By Rodney Rountree
(Poem #6 from "Poem Time Capsule")

If ever I had known it blew in skies unblown,
The sails above the sea; this sea that heaves and tosses still
To recapture for delay the shop upon its way.
I would have seen, an evading dream blown faster on its way.

If ever I had known there bloomed in place unsown
A flower in the dust; the dust that chokes and strangles still,
To wither for dismay the blossom on display.
I would have seen an ever growing dream bloom more brightly every day.

If ever I had known it rained on place unshown
On a bridge above the mere; the mere that squirms and struggles still,
To recapture for decay the bridge above their way
I would have seen a hopeless kind of fiend,
Washed away by the never ending stream,
. . by rain from a mythical dream.

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