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Luminous beings

By Rodney Rountree

Leaf's aura

I’ve heard some say that the worth of a person is based on the color of their skin, the gender, size or shape of their body, the strength of their limbs, or the brilliance of their mind. It’s not so. A diminutive, green alien, reminds us what is important, what our “worth” is based on, with the words “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” . It is the soul, and only the soul, that matters. God created our souls, our spirits, and he chose to dress our spirits in clothes of different colors, textures, sizes, and styles. When we stand before God at judgement, how will we explain our hatred of some of his children because of their clothes? I think all our excuses and reasons will fall utterly silent before God on that day. In the light of his presence, we will know them to be truly false. Our bodies are only temporary houses for the soul. Instead of focusing on the clothes, look for the inner glow, all else is temporary and unimportant to God. When we are reborn in the spirit, it will not matter what color or gender our corporal body was. Neither will it matter how intelligent we were, for in the spirit we will be made new. We were all created equal in the spirit. It is the spirit that is in God’s own image, not the body. Your true worth is not based on what clothes you wear, or what your race or gender identification is, but only on how you let your light shine in this life.

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