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God is Still Speaking: Parables for Today

By Rodney Rountree

The following parables reflect my theology that God is still speaking even today. The Bible reveals that Godís laws change over time as his children grow, as evidenced by Biblical stories written over millennia, in particular a major shift between the covenants of the old and new testaments. Major changes are seen even in the New Testament from Jesus declaring that "For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.Ē Matthew 5:18 (NASB) to both Peter and Paulís teaching that some laws like circumcision are not required for the gentiles. I believe that many of the mosaic laws were good and proper for the time and culture when they were written. Many were necessary for the very survival of the people. The commandment to procreate is an example which was necessary at the time. Large families were critical to survival in harsh rural cultures, especially since many children died before reaching adulthood. However, in todayís overpopulated world, such a philosophy is not healthy. God does not expect us, or command us, to continually multiply unabated. He expects us to be responsible for ourselves and our future. The Bible is our religious roots, our guide, our teacher, but must be understood in the context in which it was written. It was written by people with divine inspiration, but those divine revelations were to children. We are still children, but have grown a little bit. Listen to God speaking now in your lives.


The Parable of the Roots
The Parable of the Parable
The Parable of Things in Common
The Parable of the Good Devil
The Parable of the Many Signs
The Parable of the Rule
The Parable of the Teacher
The Parable of the Good Cake

Download entire parable collection as a single PDF file. Christian Parables for Today.pdf

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