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By Rodney Rountree
(Poem #16 from "Poem Time Capsule")
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In a time long before our present age,
A man was sitting on a rock,
In the sunlight by a stream that flowed down a hill,
Filling a crystal clear lake.

The man just sat and looked about,
Until the sun sank down behind a sparkling mountain top.
In the dark the man got up and stood,
-- He stood so still he seemed unreal. . .
And then as the bloody moon rose above the lake,
He began to dance.
He danced slow and quiet -- did not smile or make a sound.

The moonlight that shown upon the lake and stream,
-- Filtered through the trees, and focused on he who danced.
The stars came out and filled the sky--,
And shown in the dancing man's eyes.
The man danced round the rock,
Until the moon went down and the sun began to rise.
He stopped his dance when the moon had gone,
And sat on the rock in the sun.
He just sat and looked about— on the rock upon a hill.

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